The Constitution: Gun Control.

Believe me guns do kill

Thoughts Online.

Created: September 17, 1787 written over 230 years ago when guns were needed for protection and hunting for food. The gun was necessary.

Owning a gun today in 2017 is not a right it is a need for the person who thinks only of themselves and not as a citizen of the USA. Caring for the nation does not matter anymore.

I do believe people have the right to have a gun when they enjoy hunting and live off the grid in remote places they are needed but that does not mean that having a gun is a right.

People in built up areas do not need a gun to find food in a shopping mall. I remember the story of the Chinese student who was lost and knocked on a door for directions and was shot how sad was that.

Having guns brings out the hate and drives theā€¦

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