Classic Worldwide Beauty.

People From Around The World

World Faces 4 minutes.

The internet brings the world to us and if we seek sometimes we do find. What we see as beauty others in the world may find very unusual. Thirty years ago when I went to the Natural History Museum there was a life size sculpture of an African woman. Her bottom was so huge I just could not believe it, but in her tribe she is beautiful.

The amazing world we live in shows us beauty for all.

is (10).jpg morrocco Morocco.

I am glad that some people can see even though we are not the norm we are still great.

is (10).jpg iran Iran

is (10).jpg japan  Japan.

is (10).jpg mongolia Mongolia.

We are unique and all beautiful and those who say you are not need to look themselves in the mirror. God did not make rubbish but we do.

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