In Memoriam

Ruby Pipes

Ruby Pipes
April 13, 1988-January 29, 2017FullSizeR1
Ruby Pipes, the light of our lives, has found her peace.  Sending love and gratitude to all you loyal followers of our dear Ruby’s Blog.  Ruby was a shining star that flashed through our lives and profoundly touched us all. Her wisdom and loving kindness, her beauty and gorgeous smile will be with us always!
Passionate and effusive, Ruby was quick to make friends and was a fierce friend to have.  Never one to do anything halfway, she loved fully and unconditionally. She remembered birthdays with cards and her homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies.  If any friend called her in need, she would drop everything to help them out or just be with them. As one of her friends told me, “She would truly listen and care.”  People remember her as “a sweet little girl with a good, kind heart”.  And she became…

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