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We have another Teflon Don?

We have another Teflon Don?

Gotti the mobster was called the Teflon Don nothing ever stuck but it did once and he died in jail. Now Donald Trump has that same sheen of nothing sticking with his minions who think he is a kind of Supreme Being. He comes out with the most outrageous things now I just crack out laughing. It’s like reading the funnies so outrageous and amusing, only our lives are affected.

Now it is about wire taps but what about the sudden departure of Michael Flynn from his role as national security adviser in February and the revelations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s meetings with Russia’s ambassador Sergei Kislyak are among a string of controversies tying the administration to apparent Russian interests.

They had to find some other way to take the stink away so the idea of Obama and hacking grew. Where is Jeff Sessions now?

I wonder what and why Wiki leaks continues, who pays him and what is his reason for continuing?