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Having British Citizenship is a GIFT not a RIGHT.

Now is the time to start to come together as British Citizens. When you immigrated 30 years ago why did you? Parents suffered for find a better life and came to Britain?


Being British means standing up for the country and the people, when I heard about Finsbury Park I felt we were losing the plot fighting each other. Like the old butcher in Dad’s Army who got flustered when he thought there was trouble saying, “Don’t panic don’t panic”.

The stupidity of that man who believes all Muslims are the same is like saying all fruit is the same. Cultures are different they always have been but ISIS is the rotten fruit that stinks and oozes its way into our Community. When you have a boil on your nose you have to squeeze the puss out.



  1. I believe in God and our religions basically believe in the same beliefs of helping one another and love. Remember Manchester how the people all came together.
  2. The Government, MI5, MI6, have to get their finger out and form a team of tactical Muslim soldiers who go underground and squeeze out the puss in every big city Bradford-Coventry-London-Cardiff-Glasgow-Bristol-Southampton etc.
  3. We white people who are not Muslim’s have no clue about the religion. That is why we need to have knowledge and help from the Muslim communities and Mosques who do know far more than we do when it comes to understanding their own people and faith.
  4. When a core group is captured and have weapons and bombs each individual must be sent back to country of origin whether they were born in Britain or not their citizen papers mean nothing to them and should be revoked forever.
  5. During WWII spies were shot for treason. This way we remove them from Britain forever. If they are married with children the whole family goes except the parents and grandparents who knew nothing about their hate or extended family. The rotten core has to leave within a week. No jail for them no exceptions why should Britain pay for their stay in jail. No way. That money goes toward the fight.
  6. All Libyan Consul’s must be all closed in the UK and the Libyan Consul workers returned to Libya. Libya has channeled the fundamentalists this way as refugees have been using the most, and this should also bring fear to all the Muslim Consuls that reside in Great Britain that the British People are standing up against terror and hate.THIS IS NO LONGER A NANNY STATE, we have to change and those British Muslim Soldiers who believe in Britain and the mixed Communities become strong and one nation.
  7. Don’t forget illegal Muslim’s who have sneaked in over the past 10 years, they have to be rounded up sent to an unused army barracks and vetted and those who have links to fundamentalists sent back to the country of origin and those who suffered in their countries given hope.
  8. Fighting each other in Britain is exactly what the fundamentalists want, disarray in all communities. WE SHOULD NOT FALL INTO THEIR TRAP. We are better than that.
  9. These thoughts are for Europe too. We need allies who know what each other is doing. We need to inspire each other become.

finsbury-04+(2) May we come together, fight the fight, hand in hand?



The Quality of the USA.

When Trump makes a comment he has no idea what is going on. He was not there so it IS FAKE NEWS.

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Insulting the Mayor of London is a typical Trump PONGO full of wind and no sail. I wish he would get a medical especially for dementia. They do say anger and outrageous points of view are the beginning of the disease and the idea that there will be jobs for the poor is a talk yet to be visualized.

Post truth or Fake News another term Trump uses to cover up his faults, lies and corrupt changes. There are no options with Trump his way or no way whether he is right or wrong. Without news we end up with a dictatorship. Pushing his way through the European Leaders made him look like a fool, this really shows us that manners and education were lacking in his upbringing.


Trump does not nor ever will be responsible for any of his actions.

To All of the Magnificent Manchester Men Women and Children.

The horror and shock is something we all live with now but Manchester shines when all came together. Thank you to all the Police, Ambulances, Taxi’s, Hotel’s and many who helped what an amazing group of people who stood for good. The terror attack on children, mother’s, father’s, shows that evil the devil loves and we have to remember the audience is a mix of Muslim and all religions it is a pity that mud sticks on the good Muslims from ISIS, just as Germans were not all Nazi’s. Don’t end up being as stupid as ISIS thinking all Muslims are the same you fall into that ISIS trap that wants you to believe and hate by blaming anyone who is  not you.


Remember we are all British and there were many Muslims at the concert were targeted too. We are Brothers and Sisters in arms. In fact Muslims who love Britain and are shocked by this tragedy have the power to undermine the evil by keeping their ears and eyes open in their Mosques, coffee shops, and big congregations. We must not turn on each other ISIS want MAYHEM—that would make their day ISIS take the very essence of our youth and use them to die for them with wild stories brainwashing and hate and have a Stone Age intellect with the backing of evil money from people who want to rule the world.


We know there are sensible upright Muslims who believe Britain is their home and stand for love and integrity. We also know in movies and books there are idiots who believe they can rule the world and have come and gone like dust in the wind but the strong  who have true faith in God are still here. You may not believe in God but have morals integrity and believe in good neighbors and stand for right.


Manchester came together showed their strength and people came out to help each other so evident when Hotel’s opened up there rooms and Taxi’s took people home no matter where they lived for free. A single person can ruin and devastate just like a sick plague of evil oozing through the fabric of our lives. There are people who could go undercover, work alone, find new evidence, alone and never talking to friends or family to keep them safe because if they are found out they will come after you and your family, trust no one, go straight to authorities, no phones, no gadgets, just words from your mouth.

This is an Insidious Twist of Terror Attack Victims:

Teens and children with Mother’s in tow.


To all the brave people, families who paid a terrible price with the death of a family member, to the authorities who came together and showed us all that BRITAIN IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE STRENGTH, HONOR AND INTEGRITY. Never abandon your sense of community come together as one a light that will never be extinguished.

What ever we do it will be wrong.

Twenty years ago my husband worked in Syria on the oil rigs. We were talking and he told me that the people who worked with him told him to be careful when you go out alone never eye the woman as they will kill you as their culture and mentality is a thousand years behind and has never changed even though they have guns, electricity, and the products of our world their culture does now allow for change of any kind and that probably shows us why Assad kills his own people who are more enlightened and want to change.

In Libya he told me about the huge food stores with a whole aisle of ketchup and nothing else and other items were the same a whole aisle full of tinned coffee.

The Americans always got top dollar over all the other countries even Canada when it came to wages. So you can see why those from the country you were working in were ticked off.

The ISIS mentality does not have what we call empathy, women seem like their harvest for babies, and love well I don’t know. I can’t believe they do not love.  Mohammed loved his wife very much and she was a business woman and older so what the heck they are playing at using his name to fight a war is repulsive because they make up a religion casting a bad light on those who are good Muslims.

Our greed has put us in situations we should not have been in or in countries we never should have never gone to and once we have been used and we have used them then the trouble begins.

An Afghanistan family moved in over the road and we waved to them and they waved back and invited us in for tea. No one could speak English but we managed and the family was really lovely. As time went by they started to wear our clothes and when it was their feast days they would bring food over for us to eat. I smiled when I saw the mum in white short heels and nice dress and handbag as they set off for Heritage Days, a yearly weekend where all the countries get together here in Edmonton Canada and celebrate with food and dancing from each of the 190 countries. All the costumes music and food makes you feel proud of your country Canada.

My friends in the photo come from eleven different countries over fifty years.

Bashar al-Assad of Syria and NouriKamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq.

We have heard it in the movies, “One died so many can live”.

Oh how I wish the cause of a problem could be eradicated.

Bashar-al-Assad started a war on his own people because they wanted democracy. He started a civil war against his own people. He bombed, gassed, gunned down, any who opposed him .Of course when the world began to see and open up their eyes he came out his hole and spoke that all he was doing was saving his country from ISIS, to cover up his war crimes. Why Putin joined him one will never know but it did not last. There is another joy in this world Putin!

Don’t think for one minute the USA had nothing to do with this. When the war finished in IRAQ the government put Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki as Prime Minister of Iraq between 2006 to 2014. He was a Shi’ite but he had political ambitions and dismissed the government’s leading Sunni and Kurdish figures, Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi and Finance Minister Hoshiyar Zebari, accusing them of corruption that was untrue but Maliki started a genocide on Sunni’s he wanted to get rid of them all gunning them down in the market places anywhere they could be found. The Sunni’s were once a peaceable people but when they asked for help no one was listening except the fundamentalists, they said they would help fight back and called themselves ISIS. The devil nips in any chance he can.

Assad and Maliki are the epitome of the evil that started these wars, killing and destroying countries. Countries that gun down their own innocent people who love their country but cannot stay, how can they? So we end up with millions of refugees who are doctors’ teachers’ shop keepers, searching for a better life, leaving through no fault of their own, and end up facing Trump and his paranoid idea that every Muslim is evil and so bans them all. How amazing those guns are not banned in the USA. Rational has never been a choice.

Two mad men Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Nouri Kamil Mohammed Hasan al-Maliki of Iraq forcing out people who in fear leave their home and apply to the USA only to face the wrath of Trump, White Supremacy, the KKK, Religious prejudice, hate where is the love.

Forget it the Devil rules this world and it would be so easy if we could remove the cancer before so many are killed.

Trump’s Hate Crime

What happens when you can no longer enter the country you live? What happens to your home, your job, your mortgage, your business, your patients? Where do you go for four months? Trump a billionaire made his edict and slowly chips away at Democracy.

Will Muslims now have to wear arm bands?

Last night on CBC Canadian news a white University student shot people who were praying in a Mosque. This was a hate crime and all Canadians gathered in shock as a loyal group. Of course the pap Trump’s lackeys spout said it was a terrorist attack how evil and twisted Trump is. The power has gone to his head.

What do you do when you stand before Trump’s in·qui·si·tion

  1. A period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation.
  2. In order to enter the USA you must have the right documents which have been vetted for months sometimes years.

These documents were cast aside this was the word from Trump.

Last but no means least was the trek in the snow of a Muslim couple who walked in deep snow to reach Canada over the border because they were afraid of the USA. This too was on the Canadian news. They are refugees from the USA.

This is a crime against humanity and Trump has been in office for a short while.

Who benefits from poor people?

  1. California is bone dry no crops grow so the produce bought now comes from Mexico. Now Donny Do Right wants to build a wall and the Mexicans will not pay so that tariff of 30% on all produce will increase the price of the food that YOU will have to pay for.
  2. Simplistic answers for complex questions which Donny Do Right decided to do on a Friday. Citizens who have lived in the USA for over ten years take a vacation to visit the old country return home and cannot enter their homeland for another four months because they are Muslims. Please help us God from this mad man. He did not go to any advisers first he decided on his own dictating just like Mussolini whose so called friend was Hitler. We now have Donny and Vlad.
  3. That wall is a white elephant USA will pay for it, Guzman the drug dealer dug under the wall, there is the sea of either side, planes fly over the wall, and now we have drones. We never thought about the wall until Donny spoke.

You may think the people chosen by Trump to help him run the country will have a say WRONG they are his accessories his yes men anyone who stands up against him WILL BE FIRED. He is a ‘psychopath in a suit’, you should read that book.

I am waiting for the war he will start so factories are built, jobs made and war fodder of young men and women come from a poor background.