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British Culture: Lies and Deceit toward Celebrities.

There are a lot of evil people in the world who prey on the Celebrity of people and try to bring them down. When it is a lie and the thrill of bringing down of a celebrity as their sick prize the evil is beyond normal thinking. It does make me so angry that there are people who are so evil  and have nothing better in their lives that they have to hurt Celebrities.


Sir Cliff Richard Says He Has Forgiven His Accuser 

Cliff Richard – Devil Woman [HQ stereo]

We all get old but the look and the spark that brought the life to the Celebrities faces has gone.

Paul Gambaccini’s First TV Interview Since Operation Yewtree

Paul Gambaccini’s Advice To Cliff Richard.

We have another Teflon Don?

We have another Teflon Don?

Gotti the mobster was called the Teflon Don nothing ever stuck but it did once and he died in jail. Now Donald Trump has that same sheen of nothing sticking with his minions who think he is a kind of Supreme Being. He comes out with the most outrageous things now I just crack out laughing. It’s like reading the funnies so outrageous and amusing, only our lives are affected.

Now it is about wire taps but what about the sudden departure of Michael Flynn from his role as national security adviser in February and the revelations of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s meetings with Russia’s ambassador Sergei Kislyak are among a string of controversies tying the administration to apparent Russian interests.

They had to find some other way to take the stink away so the idea of Obama and hacking grew. Where is Jeff Sessions now?

I wonder what and why Wiki leaks continues, who pays him and what is his reason for continuing?

Trump in Words.

Socially Inept–Disruptive–Morally lacking–Contempt– EmotionallyAbusive—Cruel—Mentally Unfit—Narcissism—Grandiosity—Adulterer—Temperament—Dispassionate—Aggressive—Disgusting—Unsympathetic—Social Ambition—Angry—Politically Oppressive—Risky Decisions—Business Bankruptcies—Disagreeableness—Incensitive—Cunning—Callous—Cynical—Untrustworthy—Extreme—Ruthless—Threatening—Explosive—Crude—Authoritarian—Suspicious—Militaristic—Pejudiced—Impure—Mortal Threat—Foul Mouthed—Dangerous—Personal Schema—Cajoling Lawmakers—Manipulative—Unethical Behavior—Obnoxious—Grandiose—Personal Disorder—Environmentally Lacking—Abrasive—Grandiose—Pompous—Dictatorial—Supercilious—Patronizing—Conceited—Egotistic—Brazen—Beligerant—Uncooth—Oafish–Sanctamonious

The Constitution: Gun Control.

Created: September 17, 1787 written over 230 years ago when guns were needed for protection and hunting for food. The gun was necessary.

Owning a gun today in 2017 is not a right it is a need for the person who thinks only of themselves and not as a citizen of the USA. Caring for the nation does not matter anymore.

I do believe people have the right to have a gun when they enjoy hunting and live off the grid in remote places they are needed but that does not mean that having a gun is a right.

People in built up areas do not need a gun to find food in a shopping mall. I remember the story of the Chinese student who was lost and knocked on a door for directions and was shot how sad was that.

Having guns brings out the hate and drives the angry to enter schools, malls, church, movie theatres, and clubs killing innocent people.

You have to have a license to drive a car, fly a plane, start a business; in fact we have licenses for many professional jobs. We should have a license to own a gun and have it renewed just like a car license. Common sense should be a part of the Constitution for those who insist they have a right to have a gun having a gun is a privilege and should be vetted and licensed in 2017.

We know professionals, the military, police etc. need guns. Teens and the public do not and being paranoid is the fear of people who have guns and teens who are unsupervised finding the cash of family guns in their house  and for a mad moment in anger go out and kill just because they can.