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WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

Published on Feb 6, 2017

–Since our story on Donald Trump’s reading ability went viral last week, new video evidence has been uncovered of Trump’s body language when presented with text that is indicative of low levels of literacy

Remember when we were kids and we pretended to be something else well Trump is playing President. He has not got a clue like a blown up wind bag and he love to sign his name and have people stand around him as though he rules the world, which no doubt he thinks he does.

This has never happened before he has been honored with pomp but we know he loves to feel important and they know it too. What ever they are up to we will never know. It sounds as though he were a KING. It is so ridiculous  when you think of all the Muslims he refuses into the country of the USA,  but we know there are many Muslim sects just as we have many Christian sects. We need to learn and educate ourselves.

Thank you to the Judge who overruled Trump.

When power increases so does stupidity. I do not know if Trump will send soldiers to Mexico to get rid of bad hombres but who knows. This only shows me that he has completely forgotten all the crooked people in the USA. I have an idea—round up all the gangs throw them in boot camp for a year and teach them life skill.

Who benefits from poor people?

  1. California is bone dry no crops grow so the produce bought now comes from Mexico. Now Donny Do Right wants to build a wall and the Mexicans will not pay so that tariff of 30% on all produce will increase the price of the food that YOU will have to pay for.
  2. Simplistic answers for complex questions which Donny Do Right decided to do on a Friday. Citizens who have lived in the USA for over ten years take a vacation to visit the old country return home and cannot enter their homeland for another four months because they are Muslims. Please help us God from this mad man. He did not go to any advisers first he decided on his own dictating just like Mussolini whose so called friend was Hitler. We now have Donny and Vlad.
  3. That wall is a white elephant USA will pay for it, Guzman the drug dealer dug under the wall, there is the sea of either side, planes fly over the wall, and now we have drones. We never thought about the wall until Donny spoke.

You may think the people chosen by Trump to help him run the country will have a say WRONG they are his accessories his yes men anyone who stands up against him WILL BE FIRED. He is a ‘psychopath in a suit’, you should read that book.

I am waiting for the war he will start so factories are built, jobs made and war fodder of young men and women come from a poor background.