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WOW: Trump Fails Basic Literacy Test

Published on Feb 6, 2017

–Since our story on Donald Trump’s reading ability went viral last week, new video evidence has been uncovered of Trump’s body language when presented with text that is indicative of low levels of literacy

Remember when we were kids and we pretended to be something else well Trump is playing President. He has not got a clue like a blown up wind bag and he love to sign his name and have people stand around him as though he rules the world, which no doubt he thinks he does.

This has never happened before he has been honored with pomp but we know he loves to feel important and they know it too. What ever they are up to we will never know. It sounds as though he were a KING. It is so ridiculous  when you think of all the Muslims he refuses into the country of the USA,  but we know there are many Muslim sects just as we have many Christian sects. We need to learn and educate ourselves.

The sons of Trump Eric and Donald Jnr.

The sons of Trump Eric and Donald Jnr, work for the Trump corporation using White House security $90.000 ninety thousand when visiting South America earning money for themselves and Dad. We are paying for the family’s security when they can pay for themselves when it concerns their own business not the White House.

Amazing he takes every chance he can to use us all.

Children from previous Presidents were not in business with their father.